Sacha Jones, Lifecycle Celebrant


I am a Lifecycle Celebrant, non-denominational Minister & wedding officiant.  I perform ceremonies in New York City and Upstate NY, and am sometimes even known to travel.  I have lived in New York since 1988, and originally hail from Wales.  I am passionate about the art & magic of ritual & ceremony and am truly honoured to be doing this work.


I became interested in the concept of celebrant weddings in early 2002 when my sister Toni, and her fiancé Noah came to New York City to elope.  City Hall seemed somehow impersonal, and because they were not members of a faith, wanted to stay away from religious institutions.  But they wanted to create a wedding that encompassed the spirit of them as a couple. 


At that time we didn't know there were people who did this - who would honour the individuals and create personalized meaningful weddings; so we decided to "make it up".   My sister's wedding was the first I planned and officiated.  It was so much fun, and what we came up with truly embodied their personalities - the beauty of it remains with me, and really came to light when planning my own wedding.  My husband Mike and I found it quite challenging to find someone who would suit us both, someone who would work with us to create a unique experience - so together we created a celebrant-style wedding and were blessed to finally find someone who would perform the ceremony and work with our ideas.  Family and friends still tell us it was the best, most intimate and unique wedding they have ever been to. 


This then brought me to the Celebrant Foundation & Institute where I studied the art & history of ritual & ceremony, and then weddings.   And real life promptly led me to the study of Funerals & Memorials, as well as Baby Naming Ceremonies.  It has been such an honour to officiate these ceremonies.


Whether it is the celebration of the beginning of life or the end; marriage or divorce; change of life; retirement or graduation from college - to mark these milestones with ceremony is a beautiful thing.  Ceremony and ritual help us transition from one chapter to another with ease & grace.


A Lifecycle Celebrant who is trained in this art (and magic) can make this celebration look and feel exactly the way you envision. 


Sacha Jones Ceremonies is based in the East Village of New York City,

and Sullivan County, upstate NY.  Would you like to meet for tea?  In person or over Skype to see how we can work together?