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Memorial Services ~

As a lifecycle celebrant I also officiate end-of-life memorial services. It is such a great honor to work with families around this most difficult time, to create a meaningful celebration of life for their dearly departed.

Honoring a person or beloved pet’s life is deeply healing for those who are left behind - a celebrant-style memorial service serves as a really important part of the grief cycle.

It is truly a privilege to co-create these beautiful ceremonies.

"When my dear sister passed away unexpectedly a couple of years ago, the thought of having to plan a service for her was unbearable, yet something that had to be done.


Having previously attended a service conducted by Sacha Jones, I decided to contact her for help.


Upon speaking with Sacha I felt as though a weight had been lifted!  From the beginning she gently and patiently led me through this most difficult process. Sacha discussed a variety of options for the memorial.  She provided worksheets with questions about my sister’s life I’d not even thought of.  From this Sacha created a beautiful and complete tribute.


On the day of the service Sacha provided a sacred space of warmth and love!


She took threads from many people, and wove a most beautiful memory tapestry of my sister, and also invited my family and friends to come forward to share tender moments they had shared with her. That day Sacha wrapped us all in a warm blanket of Spirit.  I will be forever grateful to her!" 

~ Eileen

"I met Sacha at a memorial service for my soulmate’s sister. The occasion was extremely heart wrenching and painful. Sacha was so compassionate, so poignant and so caring that the moment shifted to celebrating a life. She brought together elements for the ceremony that focused the day on a reflection of joy, of memories shared – of a life well lived. Sacha - Thank you so very much."

~ Tom

"It’s the personal things 💕 Everything Sacha does she does from her heart with such empathy.  Sacha took the service in both our Granny and Dads funerals and they were beautiful!


Sacha takes time to find out about the loved ones you have lost, the little stories, memories and facts about their lives. Creating a beautiful service of happy memories and love at a sad time. SO personal and with real love and understanding for the loved and the lost. 

Hearing people say “I want Sacha to do my funeral “ is a strange sentiment but friends and family said it.

~ Toni

"Sacha Jones brought peace, comfort and joy to the family and friends of Annette Ferguson. She led a unique service that allowed everyone to truly grieve and honor one of the most special souls I ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Annette was extraordinary and a typical service would not have done her justice.  Thank you Sacha for a memorable and meaningful service that touched my soul and connected me to Annette and her special one of a kind spirit." 
~ Renee

"I have never before in my life left a memorial feeling so energized!" ~ Dylan


"Sacha found the perfect words of love to send my dear one on her path of light!"  

~ Karen 

Naming Ceremonies ~

Naming ceremonies are a beautiful non-denominational way of "blessing" a child and welcoming them "officially" to their new family.  I do this in a number of ways, again working closely with the family to create something personal and lovely.  Often this ceremony takes place around the baby's first birthday.

"Sacha is a rare gem.  She went out of her way to create meaningful and joyous celebrations for both of our children's first birthdays.  We didn't have any family traditions around the first birthday, and we wanted to create something unique that pulled from many cultures, including our own Indian culture. After talking with Sacha, the event came together with great intention and purpose. Sacha really "got" us and she worked closely with us to design a celebration that was very memorable, fun, and joyful.  It pulled together Indian traditions including a ceremony where a child picks up an item that signifies their future.  We all loved it!  Sacha worked with us closely to design the event and create new rituals that were special to us.  We look back on these birthdays fondly because of all of the work she did to make the celebrations a success.  


If you are wanting to design a ceremony or celebration that is unique and meaningful to you, Sacha is an expert guide and celebrant.  She made our event really quite special, and way beyond a standard kids first birthday party.  We couldn't recommend her more highly." ~ Ameet & Swati, Brooklyn  







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"Sacha's naming ceremony transformed our idea of what a first birthday can be. She orchestrated a loving gathering that united our community of friends and family around our daughter. She created a sense of shared investment in our daughter, her name, her place on Earth and her unfolding path in life. The whole experience made the name take on a much greater sense of significance than just some words on a birth certificate. We're forever grateful for the energy, empathy, joy and inspiration that Sacha brought to that day, it set our daughter's life on a more meaningful and intentional trajectory. If you're dreading the typical birthday whirlwind of party hats, cake, and wrapping paper; Sacha is the perfect person to help imbue the special day with a much deeper and much more memorable meaning." ~ Wei Wei & Matthew 


Daily Rituals ~

It can be a beautiful and healing act, to incorporate ritual into our daily lives.  Even making our beds or doing the dishes can seem more inviting and less intimidating if we view these things as rituals vs chores - to be more present and mindful.  I love working with clients holistically in this way - often significantly reduce stress and anxiety.


Other Ceremonies ~

I work with individuals, couples and families in many ways. It can be so healing to create ceremony and ritual around all kinds of milestones, large and small.  


This might be saying goodbye to a home of many years and/or blessing a new abode; perhaps you want to "untie" the knot to help you find closure around a relationship's end; maybe you want to honor a big life change (menopause, becoming an empty nester, changing careers, starting a new business, and so on).

Are you facing a life altering milestone that you would like to honor with ceremony?

I look forward to speaking with you to learn more.

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