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"We were going to get married quickly and quietly at the City Clerk’s office when Sacha swept into our lives. She opened our minds and showed us that our love and our union could be immortalized wherever we wanted! Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Botanical Gardens.

So after a love filled brainstorm, my husband and I decided to get married on the F train. Our ceremony lasted from the 2nd Avenue stop to the end of the line, Coney Island. Sacha tailor made our ceremony for the subway incorporating beautiful metaphors, new passengers along the way – and did all while standing on a moving train!

It was the best. We owe it all to Sacha for making this the most special day of our lives and the most special wedding any of our friends have ever heard of."

WW & MM ~ Brooklyn

"Forever Grateful.  So we had a swept up in love idea to hop a plane, run off to NYC and elope. Fly into the city, go to our special secret Brooklyn spot and get married right then and there. I mean, do people actually do that? Could we do that? Turns out, we were able to make this beautifully romantic plan work with Sacha’s guiding hand.


We couldn’t have done it without her - Sacha did so much for us, but more specifically:


• Walked us through the process and paperwork of getting a NY State marriage license, making sure everything was in order and ran smoothly.


• Spun our avalanche of words, thoughts, writings and conversations into vows that told our story with love and authenticity. An absolutely brilliant wordsmith, this one.


• Stayed in communication with us throughout the entire planning, from the first meeting and all the way through. She kept us calm and reassured that even through our nervousness, this would go to plan. As long as Sacha’s hand was on the rudder, we knew we were fine.


Our ceremony was dreamlike… better than we could have imagined but most importantly Sacha made sure it was exactly what we wanted. We’re thrilled and grateful for having met her.   xoxo" ~ Stephanie & Michael


A Truly Special and Unique Day

This fantastic lady made our son's and now daughter in-law's day truly special, I have never attended such a deeply meaningful ceremony, beautifully conducted with such warmth, humour and depth of feeling, completely unique and we as a family thank her for making such wonderful memories for all of us.

W & SB

     "We were thinking about WHO could marry us, how we could make it very special.....and I had no idea where to start.  I was throwing it out to the universe to help guide us in some direction. I had never heard of a "celebrant", but a healer I had been seeing for many years mentioned to me that I should look into this as an option for our officiant.  I did a google search, a lot of people came up....I emailed a handful...but Sacha stood out from the start. She invited us to come to her place for tea to talk about our desires for a ceremony, and we happily accepted. We traveled to the east village, and from the second we stepped onto her floor and smelled a light scent of incense in the hallway, we were feeling really positive about this connection.

     Our meeting with Sacha was amazing.  She is so delightful, so respectful, so conscious and in tune....she really cares and truly desires to create the best experience based on what the couple wants.  And she offers great suggestions, ideas and guidance as well.

     We met a few more times with Sacha, and everytime we met with her we absolutely looked forward to it.  It was completely STRESS FREE....which is a major plus when planning a wedding. We got to know Sacha because she truly wanted and desired to get to know US as a couple.  Her sincerity and genuine love for what she does is what makes her such an amazing celebrant.

     On the day of our wedding-- our very detailed ceremony went off WITHOUT a hitch.  Sacha is extremely organized-- and she is no bull shit either! Underneath her sweet, calm demeanor is a STRONG and ORGANIZED and ON TOP OF IT ALL personality....which really makes her a diamond in the rough.

     Our wedding day from the ceremony to the reception was very involved-- but we always say, the best part?  Our favorite part? The ceremony. Sacha was so key in helping us to create a ceremony that allowed us to be fully present, allowed our guests to be involved, and not one person was bored.  In fact, to this day, guests still remark on how our ceremony was the best ceremony they had ever witnessed. We had many rituals and unique blessings involving our guests that really held everyone's attention and made them feel a part of a huge loving collective energy.  Sacha was absolutely wonderful. We will never forget her, and will always feel connected to her heart and so thankful that we crossed paths with her. We couldn't recommend a better celebrant!"   ~ K+R Brooklyn


What can I say, Sacha not only made our wedding the most personal, beautiful, delightful day but she made sure it actually happened despite my mini meltdown. Sacha is calm and considerate and the MOST understanding human I have had the privilege to meet. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jess, South Wales UK

Oh, our dear Sacha. We met Sacha on a breezy afternoon in her East Village apartment. She made us tea and we talked for hours - partly regarding the upcoming ceremony we were hoping she would be a part of, partly regarding her life and what brought her into this wild and wonderful profession, partly regarding my husband and my love for one another - we left her apartment feeling warm, and at peace, and so very excited to have her be a part of all of this. Sacha is a soft spoken and kind and wise woman who helped to make our ceremony exactly ours. It was something that our guests have called one of the most powerful things they have ever witnessed. In fact, at the end of the ceremony, I was told that everyone had to sit for a moment to take it all in - the amount of love and community in that space was palpable - and following the ceremony this energy stayed with each of our guests for days to come. I couldn't recommend Sacha more highly. We are already looking forward to our next celebration with her! X

E & S, Hudson, NY


Personalised. Thoughtful. Precious memories.

Sacha is an amazing person. Gives 100% to what she does. She is so thoughtful and response time is so fast to any queries you may have. Recommended her 100%. Thank you Sacha.

L McD.


Amazing, caring, lovely lady

Beautiful performed ceremony, excellent contact throughout as I'm from the UK we sent lots of emails of what we wanted, nothing was to much trouble for Sacha, our day was perfect, lovely little gift and keepsake given to us. Sacha you really are a special person, thank you for everything you have done for us.

S & B


A dream come true

We could not have imagined a more perfect wedding ceremony!! Sacha is absolutely incredible. The ceremony she put together was a perfect fit for my husband and I. Sacha brought so much love and warmth to our intimate ceremony. We cannot thank her enough for being such a big part of our special day.

K & W


Amazing and such a perfect day thanks to Sacha

We live in the UK and we wanted to get married in New York. We wanted it to be easy and stress free.... and amazingly it was. We booked through new york dream weddings and Harley Hall. This is how we met Sacha! She is the most caring professional amazing woman. She takes your thoughts and turns it into the most beautiful words. You will not regret booking Sacha for your wedding! We had the most beautiful perfect day! If you would like any info on our wedding experience then im happy to answer questions .  SB, UK


Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Sacha created a magical experience for us... Sacha is amazing! Our service was perfect…



A lovely woman and a beautiful ceremony made our New York wedding day extra special.

Sacha is such a lovely, friendly and unique person. From the start of being introduced to Sacha via email to now, she has been amazing.  Right from the start to now, Sacha has been lovely and it felt like I had known her for ages during our email correspondence. Before finding out we had to fill in separate questionnaires, I had thought about wanting to have something personalised in our wedding ceremony as we are not the traditional type and I really wanted our ceremony to be different from every day wedding ceremonies, so it could be something we could treasure even more forever. 


On receiving the questionnaires and realising our ceremony would be personalised to our story, made getting married in New York even more exciting, we loved that our day would be different and very special to us. 


Sacha married us at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park on 1st May 2019. We travelled from Liverpool, England, and therefore had not met Sacha, it was so lovely to finally meet her. She was everything and more than I expected and I knew it was going to be a very heartfelt ceremony. She put together such a beautiful ceremony for us in which we smiled, laughed and felt so much love during everything that was said it added to making the day such a magical and memorable one for us. Our friends and family admitted they did not know what to expect from our ceremony with getting married in New York, but they all said how amazing it was and how moved they were by how personalised the ceremony was to our relationship, in which there may have been a few happy tears shed from the mother of the groom and auntie of the bride.

I cannot thank Sacha enough for such a beautiful ceremony, it will be a very special part of us for the rest of our lives and it was the best decision to go to New York and have a lovely personal ceremony. Following being home, Sacha has contacted us with a lovely keepsake of our personalised ceremony and pictures.  This was so amazing to receive and took us right back to the day. I absolutely love it and am so excited to be able to share with our friends and family who could not make it to New York.

The biggest thank you for everything you have done to make our wedding in New York special and relaxing. I would highly recommend Sacha to anyone looking for a wedding officiant and especially anyone thinking of eloping to New York to get married. Getting married in New York was the best decision we made, absolutely amazing day.

Lots of love Danielle and Stu xx


Our wedding really was the best day and Sacha was a huge part of that.

From the very first email we felt confident and comfortable knowing Sacha was our minister. Sacha has a gift. To gather information on myself and my husband to be, Sacha made it very fun and it got us talking about old times and why we fell in love with each other. Armed with this information Sacha put together the most beautiful ceremony, it was just perfect. We had a very intimate ceremony with just a small number of family and friends and without Sacha’s help it wouldn’t have been the same. We laughed and we cried. It was everything we wanted it to be.

Thank you so much Sacha for your beautiful words and the wonderful keepsake. It transports us back to that day and for that we can never thank you enough.


With love,

The new Mr and Mrs Francis-Croft xxx


Bespoke, Beautiful, and Kind :)

Sacha was incredible from start to finish, so kind, thoughtful, and thorough. It is clear that Sacha loves and cares about what she does. It came across during the process of our couple questionnaires and emails back and forth to tailor the service. Nothing was too much trouble, it was such a great experience :) Our service was thought out, funny, and loving. Exactly how we wanted it! Sacha spent time speaking with us individually, and to our family making everyone feel so connected and welcome. Thank you Sacha for everything you did for us! You gave us the most memorable service, we loved every second.

D & L 


Absolutely Perfect!

We travelled all the way from Perth Australia to elope in NYC. We were lucky enough to have Sacha performing our ceremony. She managed to turn all our emails into a beautiful ceremony. We didn’t meet until our wedding day but as soon as we did it felt like we had known her forever. She immediately made us feel so comfortable with the love and warmth she radiates. While we were on our honeymoon we received the surprise of our keepsake... something we are able to share with our family and friends who were not there. We could not have imagined a more perfect ceremony and would highly recommend Sacha to anyone planning on getting married in NYC.

Thank You Sacha xx



An absolute dream!

Sacha held our wedding ceremony in sunny Central Park in April. We travelled over from Scotland to marry & from the very first email couldn’t wait to meet Sacha. She’s so warm, helpful, loving & just generally a joy to speak to. She honestly made our ceremony perfect! It was exactly what we hoped for & more. I swear she’s an angel!

A. C.


Excellent service, high quality

Sacha was amazing, helpful, very kind. She gave us the most amazing wedding ceremony we could have imagined. Highly recommend her.

M. K.


Our Wedding Day

Sacha prepared a wonderful wedding ceremony that not only captured everything that was important to us in our personal love story but captured our hearts as well. Although we shared our wedding location with about 100 unofficial guests on the sunniest of days beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, Sacha immediately put us at ease and made us feel like we were the two most important people in the world. She delivered the perfect ceremony and made a memory for us that we will never forget, 10/10.

J. K.


Sacha Jones was our marriage celebrant and she deserves a AAA+ for giving us a wonderful ceremony.  Sacha is a very lovely, genuine, and caring lady who married us March. Her soul was full of love and enthusiasm to join my partner and I in marriage. I thoroughly recommend Sacha Jones to any couple looking for a fantastic celebrant 😊

D. C.



I could not recommend Sacha enough. Everything from start to finish was amazing. Total eye for detail and she really made the whole experience so special and personal. It did not end on the wedding day either, the keepsake is unbelievable and totally did not expect it. Exceptional service and did not feel forced at all, Sacha is a naturally loving and kind soul and it really shines.

C. H.


Better than we could ever have imagined!

Sacha is wonderful and we are so grateful to her! Planning an elopement in a foreign city is daunting, with so many choices available it's hard to know where to begin. Sacha popped up on one of our searches and her website suggested she really connected with couples and put her heart into everything - something that proved to be true! Right from the moment we contacted her she showered us with advice and suggestions and she really calmed us down.


Sacha asked if we wanted to pay extra for her to sort out our marriage certificate so we could spend more time enjoying New York. Unfortunately we were unable to spend the extra cash and politely declined. Sacha wasn't fazed by this in the slightest and sent through some 'hints and tips' in case we needed them - (a three page email detailing all the steps and processes involved with maps and directions!!). This was a Godsend as you can imagine for 2 Brits in NY for the first time - what were we thinking!?


On the day Sacha was wonderful. She arrived early and walked us to our spot in Central Park, even offering a spare pair of gloves as I had forgotten mine in the morning giddiness.


The ceremony was beautifully conducted and you can tell that she not only loves her job but feels genuinely privileged to be a part of your day. Sacha is overwhelmingly lovely and after so many emails back and forth before the trip I felt like I knew her when we met :)

Since the big day Sacha has sent us a keepsake of the day - a printable programme of the ceremony- complete with pictures from our photographer and including the vows we wrote and the poems she read out on the day. This extra touch is so wonderful and has provided us with a little something extra to give out to our families so they can feel like they were part of the day too.


So a massive THANK YOU Sacha, for everything.

D + M.

Brilliant and amazing!

We had no idea what we wanted when we first got in touch with Sacha.  She guided us with such care and patience (we changed our minds quite a lot, she never seemed to mind).  She came up with really unique rituals and ideas that we included in our ceremony and everything felt so true to us and our personalities.  There was even a beer blending ritual, which was perfect for us!


Going into this we didn't really know what a big role an officiant would play, but it is all everyone of our guests talked about in the days and weeks following our wedding.  People really thought we were old friends. Everyone loved how personal and eloquent and also fun it was.  


Sacha is kind, smiley, fun, funny, smart, patient (did I mention we might have been a bit wish-washy at times?) And I think most importantly, she made us feel cared for and important.  We were a bit stressed on the day, (there was some family stuff AND weather to contend with) - but she really helped us calm down and let us know it was all going to be lovely. She reminded us to breathe and also to make sure we looked out at our guests and take it all in. And it was lovely and we did remember to breathe! 


If you are even thinking about booking Sacha, just do it.  Karen & Andrew.


Mr & Mrs Slack

This woman is amazing at putting into words thoughts I never knew I even had!! She’s summed me and the hubby up so well and got us both to a T!
Lovely lady so nice natured and kind!
Ur in great hands if u choose to work with Sacha xx

R. & S.


Truly Amazing!

Well our wedding day couldn't have gone any better!

The lovely Sacha took our words and turned them into something beautiful our vows were amazing!

From our first contact (via email) to meeting Sacha for the first time in central park we knew we had the right person and couldn't have wished for anyone else to do our ceremony and join us on our special day.

We can't recommend her enough.

J & S


A Lovely Celebrant

We were lucky to get to work with Sacha; her ability to learn about and tell our story made the celebration of our marriage unique and special.

We worked with her via a wedding coordinator.

J & R


Just Sublime!

Sacha is pure perfection and if I could rate her any higher than 5 stars I would. Thank you for marrying us Sacha! Your words are so kind, thoughtful and very personal to us both. We will never forget you.

J and MG


Our Wedding

Sacha was the best person we could have wished for to perform our ceremony. Neither of us had met Sacha until 2 days before our Wedding but she was extremely friendly and helpful and we left having felt like we had known her for years.

G. H.


Marriage Renewal

Sacha was our celebrant for our recent marriage renewal. Sacha was kind, warm and generous. Her communication was always very prompt and helpful. We planned our ceremony from Australia before we arrived in NYC and Sacha was very helpful with local knowledge regarding venues and services.

Sacha wrote our ceremony perfectly for us and included some extra family vows and inclusions to make it special and specific for our family.

We would recommend Sacha to any couple wanting a personalised and unique ceremony. Our day was perfect x

J & M


Absolutely Amazing

My Husband and I came from Australia to New York to get eloped. Originally we were both a little nervous having only corresponded through email and reading amazing reviews online. However as soon as we met Sacha our nerves subsided. She is the most kind, caring, thoughtful person and she is absolutely magnificent at what she does.

The thoughtfulness that went into writing our love story was outstanding and something that we will never forget. She cared about us as a couple and it instantly felt like she was on of our closest friends.

Thank you Sacha, words could not express enough.

S & G

Absolutely perfect!

I’ll start by saying Sacha is such a warm and friendly person, she’s so smiley and full of love which is exactly what you want on your Wedding day. I was a little bit apprehensive at first putting our wedding day in to the hands of people we’d never met but after the first emails exchanged I felt totally at ease. The way Sacha told our love story made us feel like we’d fallen in love all over again. I cannot recommend her enough and I wouldn’t change a thing about our ceremony. Xxx

K. K.



Sacha asked us 10 simple questions and created a truly wonderful love story for our ceremony. We didn’t want a religious element to our wedding and this wasn’t adhered to. It was such a cold day but the event flowed perfectly. Not too short and not too long! I would recommend Sacha to anyone. Thank you again for making our day

J. K.


Would definitely recommend Sacha. Made our day lovely and stress free.

Sacha was so lovely. The words she wrote were perfect and she brought a beautiful energy to our ceremony. We felt very comfortable with her. Highly recommend.

S. W.


Our Wedding NYC

Sacha was brilliant, we booked her at very short notice and she still managed to offer us her help with vows etc. She was brilliant with us and helped us through the whole process from the city clerk's office to the wedding itself. She really made our wedding special and we appreciate it. She also sorted out our extended marriage certificate to save us the hassle.

C. T.


Made our day!

We couldn't recommend Sacha highly enough. We travelled from Ireland with family and friends and Sacha was just fantastic and made our New York Wedding so special and personal. Her attention to detail & professionalism from the moment we met her shines through, such a beautiful person and we were blessed to have her marry us.

C. R.


Sarah and Adrian’s wedding

Sacha was absolutely wonderful.

We travelled all the way over from the UK and it was very easy to communicate with her. She completely made us feel at ease and the ceremony was fantastic. Would highly recommend :)

S. W.


You may not know it, but you NEED Sacha.

My husband and I wanted a small, intimate wedding and the ceremony was most important to is. We didn't want something cookie cutter; we wanted it to reflect our relationship. Sacha was incredible from the moment we met with her. She got to know us, and took our vague ideas and turned them into an incredible wedding ceremony that was exactly what we wanted.

All of our guests said it was the best wedding ceremony they had ever been to (I'm sure people always say that to the bride and groom, but I think they actually meant it!).

Plus, she was a great soothing presence the days before the wedding and the day of. I was so nervous before the ceremony, and when I saw her that morning, I was immediately at ease. 

B. MK.


An incredible, perfect ceremony

My husband and I are beyond thrilled that we went with Sacha as our officiant!!! From the first time we sat down with her we felt so comfortable and warm, and throughout the process we were able to really share with her what's important to us about our relationship and each other. She designed a ceremony that felt totally unique and very "us," incorporating a mix of Jewish and Irish rituals, including many of our loved ones, and telling our story. Truly, so many of our guests told us it was the best wedding ceremony they have ever been to. Sacha genuinely cares for her clients and we are so glad to have had her share in this beautiful experience with us.



The woman we cannot thank enough!

Sacha was truly amazing. Her emails before hand were so comforting. It felt like we knew her already. She was so warm and excitable. Everyone still talks about how different, Intimate, funny and loving our ceremony was. The effort Sacha goes into is astounding. There truly is no one in this world that could have performed or made our ceremony so special like her.

Thank you Sacha for everything! Jess & Ross X

J. and R.


Incredible ceremony!

Sacha was absolutely fantastic and her incredible ceremony made the day even more special. Even though we only met her the day of the wedding it felt as though she had known my wife and I forever when she read us our love story

R. A.

We loved Sacha!

Sacha provided a very personalised and memorable wedding ceremony for us. She clearly puts a lot of thought into her ceremony and invests time writing the ceremony on your special day. She definitely enhanced our experience.

K. M.


Absolutely Brilliant!

Sacha was booked for us to conduct our wedding ceremony in Central Park New York. From first contact with Sacha she was amazing, you could tell straight off that she really cared about our ceremony and wanted everything to be perfect. Sacha was so friendly and warm in all the emails back and forth leading up to the big day which really put us at ease. When the big day came, our ceremony was personal, beautiful and delivered in such a caring way. I could not recommend Sacha enough for your occasion. PERFECT!

D. H.


Highly Recommend!

Sacha is extremely professional, efficient and made us feel completely at ease. Even though we never met in person before hand, Sacha made it very easy and was very quick to respond to us. On the day, Sacha gave us a beautiful and very personal wedding! It was more than what we could have wished for and I would urge anyone to book Sacha!

M. J.


Absolutely Perfect

It's hard to find the right words to describe exactly how wonderful Sacha is, as a person and as an officiant.

My husband and I struggled with selecting an officiant for our October 2018 ceremony and in fact it was the last major detail on our list when we reached out to Sacha just a couple of months before. Neither of us are religious and we were unsure of how to create a ceremony that was meaningful to us and our families, and authentic to who we are individually and as a couple.

From the first time we spoke with Sacha, she intuitively understood exactly what we were looking for. She is an exceptional listener and provided guidance as if she had known us for a lifetime. Sacha was able to incorporate elements we knew that we wanted in our ceremony and suggested others that we would have never thought of if not for her expertise.

She carefully crafted a love story that still brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. Even my Catholic mother, who was disappointed that we chose a non-religious ceremony, was deeply moved. Sacha incorporated traditions new and old, Eastern and Western into something that captured our love perfectly and didn't leave a dry eye at our intimate ceremony. The first thing that people tell us when recalling our wedding was the ceremony and the lovely, articulate, ethereal Sacha.

And for all of her time, guidance and hard work, Sacha's fees are extremely reasonable. She was easy to work with, never delayed in responding us, gently chased us when we needed to provide information and made us feel like we were a priority rather than just another "gig".

I could go on all day, but I will end with just one recommendation: book Sacha. There is no one else out there like her and I am so grateful that we were lucky enough to stumble on her out of so many other officiants out there. Our wedding day would not have been the same without her, she is simply pure magic.

J. B.

Sacha made our whole wedding experience so special. She ensured all the paperwork was completed correctly and made everything straightforward we didn’t have to worry about anything. We held our wedding ceremony on the Ventura sail boat in front of the Statue of Liberty it was amazing and Sacha’s beautiful and thoughtful words completed our wonderful day. Sacha sorted out our extended licence and made sure we had it before we returned back to the UK. We can’t thank Sacha enough for all her help and guidance and would totally recommend her services to anyone thinking of getting married in New York.

R. B.


Made our day very special.

Sacha was just lovely. Her communication with us was fantastic and she truly made our day very special. She tailored the ceremony to us and our requests and made it very much about us and our love story. Highly recommend.



Wedding in New York

We wanted a day to remember and Sacha ensured it really happened. Couldn't recommend her services more highly.

J. D.


Special day

Sacha helped to make our day magical.



Sacha is absolutely AMAZING! She has the best ideas for creating unique and personalized ceremonies that are catered to each couple instead of the same old cookie cutter ceremonies. She was incredibly easy to get in touch with and worked closely with my (now) wife and I in order to make sure the ceremony was going to be exactly as we wanted it. She really took the time to get to know us each as individuals as well as together as a couple. We had dozens of guests tell us afterwards that it was the most beautiful ceremony they've ever seen and that Sacha was incredible. We truly cannot recommend her enough!!! 



Magical fall day in Central Park

Sacha is professional, funny and receptive.

From the first email encounter, we could tell she was committed to creating a one of a kind ceremony just for the two of us. We were asked to complete a brief questionnaire independently so she could compile our vows and see our love story from each others eyes. The ceremony is still talked about today. One of my favorite things that she did for us was a keepsake of our vows, so we can relive that magical day for eternity. Sacha was the perfect addition to our special day!

A. K.


Sacha is everything you would want in an officiant and more! She did a truly amazing job officiating our elopement ceremony. Even though we only met her the day of the ceremony, it felt like we had known her for years due to her warm, kind, and caring demeanour. Sacha was always very easy to reach over emails and the questions she sent us to get to know us and craft our ceremony were both fun and unique. She was also open to including personal touches to our ceremony, which made it that much more special. We could not have asked for a better officiant for our ceremony and are so happy we were able to work with Sacha and cannot recommend her enough. Thank you so much, Sacha!



Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sacha made our dream wedding a reality when we chose her to marry us on 12/09/2018 in NYC this year. Myself and my husband are not the most romantic couple and had opted out of writing any personalised vows and because of this it made me think that our ceremony would be straight forward and not that personal. How wrong was i?

We filled out some questionnaires for Sacha and what she created from those questionnaires thousands of miles away was just incredible. I think every single one of our wedding party shed a tear and lots of laughs and it truly was so special and a memory we can cherish forever. Sacha has such a way with words and can really light up a room and hold any audience.

We are so glad we found you Sacha, thank you over and over again for making our ceremony so special!!

Cheryl & Shane xxx

C. H.


New York Wedding

Mark and I decided to get married in New York. We were a little worried about going abroad and not meeting Sacha our officiant before we got married but she made everything so easy. We were asked lots of questions via email, offered Skpye and telephone contact if we needed it but Sacha was so thorough in the questions she was asking we didn't need it.

We got married on Pebble Beach in Brooklyn and Sacha gave us the perfect ceremony she had transformed our emails into a love story which was amazing. We had the best intimate ceremony and were over the moon with the results. Sacha kindly sent a copy of our ceremony a few months later with pictures of our lovely day which I have transformed into a photobook. The results were fantastic.

We were lucky enough to bump into Sacha after we got married in a coffee shop round the corner where we learnt more about her and her family and what a spiritual person she was.


Sacha is an extremely talented person to be able to do what she does and made us feel that we were a special couple and not just "another wedding".

Thank you to Sacha for making our day so special and allowing us to take away such lovely memories.

J. Y.

The most perfect ceremony

From the very first email, to meeting Sacha and the thoughtful after care, she was an incredible addition to our wedding day and one that undoubtedly made it such a memorable occasion. The ceremony was made so personal thanks to Sacha's decision to really get to know my fiance and myself. She could not have been more helpful in the lead up to the wedding. On the day of the wedding she was flexible with a change of location and tailored the ceremony to accommodate the unexpected change in weather. Her entirely unexpected and thoughtful gift on the day takes pride of place in our kitchen and serves as a daily reminder of what a special day we had. All our guests commented on how lovely our ceremony was and how perfect it was for us and our setting. Thank you Sacha for creating beautiful memories.

J. H.


An utter delight, game for any adventure

Sacha was wonderful to work with. She brought loads of ideas and inspiration--but she also brought a spirit of charm and delight. Sacha is an excellent communicator and did a marvelous job of synthesizing all our ideas into a beautiful ceremony. When it rained on our wedding day she rolled with it, even adding a wonderful line about how rain creates an auspicious beginning in my husband's culture. She made us feel so very special--we highly recommend working with her!

A. K.


Hi we married in Central Park in August and was truly blown away by our ceremony, Sacha was very helpful from the start and totally put our minds at rest as we communicated only through Internet as we were travelling from England. Our ceremony was personal and emotional and everything we could have wished for,

Thank you


R. and L.

We travelled from England and married in Central Park in August 2018, From the start Sacha was very helpful and put our minds at ease, calming nerves along the way. The ceremony was all we could have wished for being personalised, emotional and with laughs along the way. In all the Perfect Day,

Thank you Sacha


L. D.


Sacha is amazing!

A beautiful, easy, thoughtful, flexible, and trouble free experience. We had many requirements, and Sacha was able to work with us . Sacha was so very supportive. She helped us have our dream wedding come true!

P. C.


Sacha conducted a beautiful ceremony for our Wedding in Central Park, every detail was covered and she fulfilled all our wishes to make the day very special for us and our family. Her approach from the early contact in the lead up to our day was totally professional and very reassuring. The information she requested from us and subsequently presented at the Ceremony really added to the day making it very personal to us. Having travelled from Scotland to New York for our Wedding there would always be an element of trepidation with the prior arrangements, however, we had no need to worry as Sacha's meticulous planning had covered everything. From the outset she put us both at ease and we could not have wished for anyone better as we tied the knot. Sacha really personalised our memorable day and we will always cherish our time with her in Central Park. I could not recommend her highly enough, if you want a personal touch Sacha is the one for you. 

I and A. G.


Sacha was truly amazing. What a beautiful person in every sense to marry us. We couldn’t have been happier with Sacha- from her helpful tips and advice to her lovely genuine and friendly being. Sacha truly made our ceremony so special and memorable and I am just so delighted that we chose her to marry us. What a beautiful person to have as part of our magical day. 


The Best

Sacha helped my wife & I tie the knot in central park. Her words & actions helped make it the best day of our lives, absolutely the best in the business!


The perfect person to marry us on our special day, we couldn’t have asked for better

Sacha could not have been more perfect for our wedding, everything was so personal and the love story she made for us was just amazing. She has such a soothing voice and we couldn’t have picked anyone better to marry us!

D. M.


Lovely and Personable!

Sacha was wonderful to work with her. She was super professional, personable and laid back. She talked to us on the phone, was very responsive via email and listened to our worries and concerns. Everything went off perfectly and we couldn't have asked for a better officiant for our big day!



Sacha is awesomeSacha is absolutely fabulous! Since the first email, I knew she was a special person. She personalized our ceremony and made it memorable. She took care of all the little details. The ceremony was so beautiful that I think that at some point we all had tears in our eyes. Of joy, of course!

Whatever i say, it wouldn't be enough to express how thankful I am, Sacha!

M. S. N.


Absolutely thoughtful and Amazing

Sacha is so caring and thoughtful, she went above and beyond what I even expected. Her ceremony included secret details from my husband I didn’t know he shared. She presented us with a secret gift we opened when we got back home. She kept me calm via emails since I was out of state and even sent emails after we came home when I wasn’t expecting anymore and just knowing she cares about her clients that much means more to me than she knows. I'm so glad to have met such a kind and spiritual soul in Sacha.



She knew more about us than I did!

Sacha was unbelievably friendly, helpful and thorough in the build up to our wedding, which all lead to a lovely day and beautiful Love Story that she read out. We only actually met her a few minutes prior to the ceremony but she already felt like a close friend. To top it all off she sent a hand made gist of the day to us once we were back in England.

Couldn't recommend her highly enough.

M. E.


Truly a gifted dream wedding celebrant!

From our first point of contact with Sacha, she was amazingly helpful, flexible and a complete joy to be involved with. Her communication and ability to make the ceremony so personal, probably have to be experienced to be believed and appreciated. She made sure to liaise with us well in advance along the way, to ensure she had all the necessary information to carry out a brilliant ceremony that made us feel like she was part of our family.

We have recommended her to friends, and would, without hesitation, recommend her to anyone who wants someone who will take as much interest (maybe more!) in their big day, as they would themselves.

This lady is an absolute sweetheart!

J. M.

Excellent service, exceeded our expectations

Yes, we booked Sacha through a wedding planner from overseas and everything was perfect on the day and exceeded our expectations.

M. W.

The most beautiful ceremony

6 months ago today we eloped and got married in the most beautiful ceremony we could have ever wished thanks to Sacha. She personalized our ceremony in a way like it felt we have known her for years, it was beautiful. If I could repeat my wedding day again I wouldn't change anything, it was magical and perfect and beautiful all thanks to Sacha. You will be forever in our memories and hearths, thank you so very much for making our day the best day of my life. Forever grateful, Georgina


Sacha is a very warm and genuine person. The service for our wedding was perfect, Sacha was in regular contact prior to the wedding ensuring every detail was captured. Sacha even recommended a restaurant for us to go to after the wedding which was fantastic, she even took the time to come and see us there to see if we were enjoying it. We travelled from the UK and I would definitely say make sure you ask for Sacha to anyone getting married in New York.


Sacha has got to be one of the most beautiful souls that you could ever wish to meet and we feel very privileged to have had her perform our wedding ceremony ❤️ Sacha was Intouch beforehand to find out all about our love story which was portrayed beautifully and with great humour which made our wedding day a day that is etched in our hearts forever. Thank you for making our day just lovely. ❤️ 


It is difficult to describe how you could build up such a strong connection with someone whom you have never met, but we did. Sacha is a gifted lady with such a strong admirable passion for what she does and she does it exceptionally well. I could never have imagined that anyone could prepare and deliver what was our ‘love story ceremony’ without meeting us, but Sacha did just that. She spoke about us and our love as though we had been lifelong friends.

The ceremony was beautiful unique and so personal, that there will be nothing like this in the world. We can’t thank this special lady enough for making our wedding even more perfect than we could ever have hoped for. We are so happy that you could do this for us and we will always hold a special place in our hearts for you. Best wishes x

N. and G.

Sacha was the perfect celebrant for my son's wedding. She has a quiet elegance about her, you know you are in the presence of someone special when you meet her and speak with her. Sacha brings the right vibe to the occasion. She makes the ceremony about the celebrants, as an observer one can tell she loves people, is calm and caring, professional and just fun to be around. Sacha has an aura about her that will definitely make any occasion feel important and special.

Hope to use her beautiful services again for our two daughters, one day. 



We are from the UK & got married in Central Park. This was organised by "NY Dream Weddings". We had watched videos of Sacha performing other ceremonies & was keen to have her as our minister.

Sacha contacted us a number of times before the Big Day by email to obtain a good overview of our relationship.

This correspondence all paid off on the wedding day as Sacha felt like she knew us & was able to give a beautiful reading about our journey & love story.

The ceremony was wonderful, very personal, relaxed, & fun, which helped with our nerves. We couldn't be happier that Sacha married us.

Thank you.


Sacha is an incredibly lovely professional, truly a one of a kind, and we are beyond happy and grateful to have had her at our wedding. It is the combination of her tremendous passion for her job and her unique talents of sowing together the perfect wedding ceremony under any circumstances that sets her apart. Our wedding was perfect, and we owe this largely to Sacha. From when we first contacted her, she was extremely receptive, helpful and responsive. Her delivery of the ceremony was very warm and beautifully crafted. From the beginning to the middle to the end, we were in great hands, and we cannot thank her enough for helping to make our day so special !!! 


Sacha was an absolute star! She was regularly in touch with my wife and I to ensure she knew all about us and created the perfect wedding ceremony for us, incorporating our wishes and painting the perfect picture of us as a couple. Aside from this, Sacha assisted us in organising all of our paperwork due to unforeseen circumstances with our planner, something she went out of her way to do which was hugely appreciated. The day couldn't have gone any better and we have Sacha to thank for that! Could not recommend her services any higher! Thanks Sacha!! x 


Myself and my new husband, Sam, feel so so lucky to have had Sacha as our wedding officiant. She was recommended to us by Harley at New York Dream Weddings and from her first email to us, we knew she was going to be great. Sacha asked so many questions to get to know us better and it got us really excited for our big day. It was just the two of us eloping from the UK and we didn’t want to write any vows, therefore, we were half expecting to just say our ‘I do’s’ and that be it. However, Sacha made it so much more special for us. Her words of our love story were beautiful. We couldn’t have even imagined a ceremony as perfect as we had. Sacha is a lovely lady and clearly very passionate about what she does. Her emails in the lead up were so personal that we felt we knew her before we even met. Even after the wedding, she has gone above and beyond, surprising us with two beautiful keepsakes that we weren’t expecting at all. Not just this, a lot of time and thought has gone into these and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you Sacha for making our day perfect! xx

J. and S. H.


We absolutely loved her ceremony! She is a delight to work with. Highly recommend! 


Well, what can we say about Sacha, what a beautiful, lovely, kind, gentle and fantastic person she is. We feel so very privileged to have had Sacha write, perform and be a huge part of our wedding. It’s hard to explain how wonderful she is and what it meant to us for her to do it.

We could not of hoped for/wished for a better officiant. We don’t feel like we’ve come away with just amazing memories, we feel like we’ve come away with a friend too.

From the beginning when exchanging emails, she was immediately personable and showed her passion for her job. We filled in a love questionnaire separately about each other that Sacha had sent us. I loved doing that, was something very special to do. Using our love questionnaires, she wrote the most beautiful, personal, amazing ceremony. She also gave us a beautiful card and hand crafted gift on the day. This is just a glimpse of how kind she is. A few weeks later, Sacha sent us a lovely personal email along with our ceremony lovingly typed up that included our wedding pictures.

We can’t recommend Sacha more and hope our words have given her the justice of who she is and what an incredible job she did. She made our wedding perfect.

Forever grateful, lots of love.

S. and M.

When I was working with Sacha I felt as though our wedding was the only one on her mind. She executed the most moving and magical ceremony, the one I'd always hoped my wedding would resemble. She carried us along and gave us gentle reminders of what we needed to focus on even during the ceremony. On the day of our ceremony she had everything we needed including our vows printed out and blessings that our children had written and sent to her. Sacha is a gentle kind woman who is extremely organized and was great at including us in decisions, making sure that it truly was what we envisioned.


Sacha was lovely, we were put at ease from the start, and the keepsake she made for us was beautiful. Thank you so much from Lyndsay and James

L. And J.


A delightful and wonderful person

Sacha is a lovely woman, she is so delightful and happy all the time. She made our wedding in Central Park perfect and was great with our young son. Sacha is professional and if you were to be a nervous groom which I wasn’t Sacha would definitely calm your nerves. If I was ever to remarry I would have the Sacha again. All in all it was a perfect day even the rain.

J. F.


Sacha was amazing

We were so glad we had Sacha as part of our special day. The service she gave us was beautiful. We came from the UK to New York and we were not disappointed. We could not recommend Sacha enough.

L. F.

Sacha was simply amazing. From the moment she was in contact with us she was thoughtful, thorough and patient with our needs. She made sure we knew what was needed and assisted us with everything. She made us feel so loved and cared for on our special day. The time and effort and energy she put into our ceremony was amazing and so unexpected! I feel that she went above and beyond to get to know us, as we could only do so over email and she was really able to convey exactly what we both were thinking and feeling. My only regret is that we didn't get much time with her to celebrate and get to chat and know her after the ceremony as we were whisked away for photos! I would highly recommend Sacha to anyone travelling to New York who wants someone to care for them and have just the best ceremony possible! 


Sacha did the most incredible job! Not only is she friendly and warm which puts you instantly at ease but the way she told our story was beautiful and we couldn't have wished for anything more. I highly recommend her, she made our dreams come true, it was just perfect :)

G. and D. M.

We got married in Ladies Pavillion, we were running a tad late from the photos and Sacha was there waiting with the guests. She made us feel straight at ease, and went through the ceremony lovely, and made it such a moment to remember. Prior to the ceremony Sacha was great at introducing herself and getting all the information she required to make the ceremony as special as it was. Thank you 

B. and N.


I can not recommend Sacha enough. Planning a wedding in New York City from Australia is a daunting task but Sacha was in touch and in control from the get go. Her constant emails, reassurance and heart warming communication was outstanding and put both my wife and myself at ease at all times.

When the day came we were blown away with her sincere words and verses, it was like an old friend was telling the world about us.

We were put in touch with Sacha by our wedding planner and I’m ever so grateful she was who we chose.

Thank you Sacha, from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget that day, your words, your love and your gift. 


We were married by Sacha in Central Park in April. We cannot thank her enough for how perfect she made our ceremony. We both didn't want something typical or stock standard, and we couldn't feel more lucky that we 'found' her. The whole process from the beginning to end was so easy and enjoyable. She is such a beautiful, genuine soul, and truly told our love story in the most perfect way and for this, we will be forever grateful. 

A. and J. K.

Where do I even begin! Sacha was the officiant for our wedding in Central Park booked through New York Dream Weddings. Coming over from the UK we weren't sure what to expect but from the first email it was clear what a great experience dealing with Sacha would be. It was apparent from day 1 what a passion and love she has for the work she does. The work that went into creating the amazing personalised ceremony on the back of our questionnaires was outstanding! We couldn't believe it! I've never been to a wedding where the couples history or 'love story' as Sacha called it was told for everyone to hear. It was beautiful, moving and had us down to a tee! She was warm, welcoming and i'll treasure the little gift we were given after the ceremony. As if all that wasn't enough to then receive a keepsake with the entire ceremony on it which included photos from our photographer was just amazing! To be able to read through it and relive the words and the day is something which most people don't get the chance to do! I've showed all of my friends back in the UK and they've all said how jealous they are that they haven't got anything like that from their big days hehe! An already special day made even more special. Thank you so much Sacha! :) x 


Sacha is an Angel. Her words, drafted from our responses were a hundred fold from what I could have ever put together. Do not pass this woman by. 



Sacha was booked by our wedding planner Harley of New York Dream Weddings.

From the very start she was friendly and very professional. She asked us details of how we met, what we liked most about each other to be included in the service. The service was just perfect with lots of smiles as well as lots of emotional tears. It was intimate and personal to us which meant much more than just repeating standard vows.

We would recommend her services to anyone and hope her company goes from strength to strength.

L. and A.


Where to start with how amazing Sacha was! Even before we met we knew from our email exchanges that she would make our wedding day extra special. Her warmth, genuine spirit and kind and open nature are obvious from the very first time you talk to her! From how she crafted our answers to make the most perfect ceremony to the personal touches on the day not to mention how she put us both at ease we couldn't have asked for more in a celebrant. Thank you so much Sacha you were amazing and we are so grateful that you were a part of our special day. Love xx 

A. and D.


Sacha performed a beautiful ceremony for us. She made it really personal and made us feel really comfortable on the day. 



A wonderful beautiful wedding ceremony made even better by Sacha being our officiant. Excellent email communication. Highly recommended. 



Sacha made the day all the more memorable for us. The way she told our love story was absolutely perfect.

Very timely with her emails to us; everything was just easy, effortless and executed (without seeing the script!) seamlessly, making our day all the more special hearing these words for the first time.

Thank you Sacha for contributing to making our day one to cherish and remember.

For anyone who is looking for an officiant in NYC, we definitely recommend Sacha. She will help to create a perfect atmosphere for your special day. 



Sacha created the most beautiful wedding ceremony for us! We had never met her and just communicated via email. She sent us some questions to answer. She put together the most magical, perfect ceremony for us! I would highly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding looking for the most amazing officiant! 



Sacha is just amazing, I felt like a family member was marrying us. We live in England and prior to the ceremony we were contacted and asked a series of questions in order for Sacha to write our 'love story' it was like personal vows to my wife without me having to personally deliver this (which I would probably mess up). The same was done from my wife to me it was just so personal and fantastic that Sacha took the time out to get to know us before the ceremony. I felt really at ease when meeting Sacha for the first time in person and would highly recommend her services :-) 



We had the pleasure of Sacha Performing our wedding ceremony, at all times she was calming, caring and helpful. I can not recommend Sacha enough. 


It was truly amazing working with Sacha. When I met her I felt like I had known her forever! She pays such great attention to detail, she made my wedding so personal even though we had never met. She went above and beyond to get to my husband and I to make our wedding extra special. Communicating with her was always easy, and she always got back with me very quickly. Again, even via email communicating with her feels like talking to a friend I have known for ages. At our wedding she was so kind, and made us feel so loved. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a very special wedding day. I will cherish her kindness for a lifetime. 



Sacha is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I ever met. She made my wife and I feel so special on our wedding day. I can never thank her enough for doing that. I highly recommend Sacha to anyone looking to get married. 


From our very first contact Sacha was friendly and helpful, we travelled from the UK to marry, and met just before the ceremony, she immediately put us at ease which really helped with the nerves! Her words were perfect and beautiful. We really can’t thank her enough for making our day unforgettable! 


Sacha did a beautiful job writing a very personal and meaningful ceremony for us- and we had never even met! She was thoughtful, kind, and so positive. Sacha is a lovely person who really took the time to make our day special. We can't thank her enough for making our day memorable and special. 


She is a true gem! She was amazing and so sweet! The ceremony was so special, Sacha made it magical and clearly does it with love. 


Amazing! Beyond words!!! If you want your wedding ceremony to be special, romantic and customized to the two of you Sacha is truly the best :) 


Sacha was wonderful! She took our story and made it into beautiful and meaningful vows. She was super sweet and really easy to communicate with. 


Sacha was absolutely wonderful! She made our wedding ceremony most perfect! Our love story could not have been told any better than by her.... and we never even meet till the day of our wedding!!! Although all our pre ceremony conversation was via email, that did not stop the exceptional quality of care and love given to us! I could not imagine our special day any other way! The love and joyous laughter we all shared will always be a wonderful memory I will never forget! 


Sacha was everything & more. She really was perfect. From the first email I felt comfortable with her & could just tell she oozed love & happiness! I couldn’t recommend Sacha anymore! The way she wrote our story was just beautiful, I just can’t express how amazing she really is! 


Coming from Ireland to New York we took a huge leap of faith for our wedding but with Sacha we were in safe hands. Friendly, approachable and very easy to deal with at all times. Sacha delivered a very personal ceremony that we were so pleased with. Could not recommend highly enough. 


Sacha was incredible from beginning to end! She took time to really learn about us as a couple, creating an intimate and unique ceremony. Our friends and family raved about how they got to learn more about us as a couple from her reading of our "love story" that she put together. Sacha pulled from multiple religions and traditions that we were comfortable with to create a one-of-a-kind experience - completely unforgettable!


Sacha was amazing!! From the first interaction to the moment she pronounced us husband and wife. She was attentive, professional and had a very unique spin on what I assumed would just be traditional vows. She had my husband and I answer questions about each other and our relationship, and the way she incorporated our answers into the vows was breathtaking. There was not a dry eye once she was finished. If you want an officiant that truly cares then Sacha is the one for you!!! 


I cannot say enough good things about Sacha. For one, she's a delight just to be around - we so enjoyed talking with her during the months leading up to our wedding. She helped us craft an amazing ceremony, one that made us both laugh and cry. I am so grateful to have found her. Thank you, Sacha! 


Sacha made our wedding day more special than we could have ever imagined! She came highly recommended through a coworker and after having a cup of tea with her, we knew she was the one we wanted to create our ceremony with. Sacha is so thoughtful, kind, and creative, making sure every last detail is personal and perfect. She does everything with genuine care and excitement and is genuinely so excited about love. Our guests are still talking about how they had never been to a wedding like ours and how special the ceremony was. We believe it truly set the tone for the best weekend ever, and that was thanks to Sacha. If you are looking for an officiant who loves love and is truly magical in the creation of your ceremony, Sacha is your person. Thank you Sacha for everything! 


My fiancé and I knew we didn't want a large ceremony. We wanted to elope but wanted something a little more personal than a Justice of the Peace ceremony. Sacha was amazing. She sent us two questionnaires to try and get to know us individually and as a couple. We completed one questionnaire together and one separately. When our big day finally came, the ceremony was so special. It was completely handcrafted for us. I can't recommend Sacha highly enough. She takes the time to get to know the couple, customizes the ceremony to be exactly what you want and her amazing energy lights up the entire room. Thank you Sacha! 


Sacha is a truly beautiful person. From the moment we started emailing to the day we met on my wedding day, you can see and feel how truly passionate Sacha is about her job and her couples. Sacha took great care to get to know my husband and I and wanted to get to know us and our relationship before crafting our ceremony. And boy did she deliver! Sacha made our ceremony so special and personal to us, she included our family members and so many memories which meant so much to the both of us. After the ceremony Sacha sent us both a lovely copy of the ceremony which will make a beautiful keepsake and a wonderful memory. It was a true pleasure to have Sacha be the officiant at our wedding, it would not have been the same without her. 


It was an amazing ceremony personalized just for me and my bride. I couldn't be happier with the quality of service that was provided. I would recommend to anyone who wants a spectacular event. Thank you so much. 


Sacha was seriously so amazing. She took the time to really delve into our story and make our ceremony unique and perfect for us. I am so happy that she was our officiant and would recommend her to everyone. 


Our experience with Sacha was magical. We shall be forever grateful for making our day so special.

From the moment we got our first email from Sacha until we waved good-bye the who experience and service was brilliant. Sacha's communication is excellent. All emails are very personal and before we met Sacha we got the feeling our emails were being read correctly and the whole experience was going to be great. On the day of the wedding Sacha made us feel relaxed and excited. Sacha really got what we wanted in our ceremony and made it fun and personal. Including a little surprise at the end for us!

Thank you Sacha, you were amazing!

M. and S.

We really can't recommend Sacha highly enough - the ceremony was wonderful and she went above & beyond the call of duty.

She takes time to get a feel for what the couple want from a ceremony and tailors something really very special.

If you're thinking of getting married in NYC, definitely book Sacha. 


A very special service from a very emotionally aware celebrant. Sacha captured something of our relationship in a way that made the service a celebration of love, New York, marriage and more.

Through communication prior to the event, and a very interesting questionnaire, Sacha ensures that the service is deeply personal and in tune with the couple's style.

She had lots of useful suggestions, hints and tips. We eloped, so were new to NYC, and Sacha definitely helped us with everything, including the legal stuff.

Thanks for everything. 


Sacha officiated over our dream wedding in Central Park.

I really cannot recommend her enough, not only did my partner and I tie that knot that day, but we made a great friend.

Thanks Sacha! 


We were so lucky to have Sacha as our celebrant on our wedding day. Even though we are on the other side of the world she was able to learn about our love story and write a very personal ceremony, perfect for us, including finding a poem that perfectly summed up our story and our love. There were tears and laughter, but importantly love throughout the entire ceremony.

Thank you so much Sacha for helping make our day so wonderful! 


One year later, and still to this day, many of our friends and family ask us "where did you find such an amazing officiant? You had the best wedding ceremony I've ever experienced!"

Sacha was an absolutely amazing part of our wedding and helped make our ceremony absolutely unforgettable. From our first Skype consultation, we could tell she was warm, caring, and truly wanted to know more about us as people so that she could translate that information into our ceremony. It may seem trivial, but she was the first wedding "vendor" that we spoke to that began the conversation with something so simple as "tell me about yourselves" instead of instantly delving into logistics. She worked incredibly hard on our ceremony, no matter how much my wife and I procrastinated and put her on a more difficult deadline, and was an absolute pleasure to converse with over finer details. She structured our ceremony around our love story, how we met and how we fell in love. She contributed many great ideas and rituals that helped integrate our families and our wedding party, which was one of our top requests from an officiant. Finally, on the day of our wedding, Sacha did a tremendous job delivering our ceremony and orchestrating an unforgettable moment for us to share with our friends and family. I would recommend Sacha to every couple, she will do an outstanding job. 


Sacha Was the MOST perfect wedding celebrant we could have asked for. As a bride that works in the events industry, I had such high expectations of what our day would look and feel like. The ceremony is the most important part of that day, and as a couple travelling from abroad there were certainly concerns as to how someone could possible capture the true essence of who we are as people. Sacha did all of that, and more. It was truly the most magical wedding ceremony I could have asked for. I feel so lucky to now know Sacha, and have had her as such a vital part of our special day. I truly treasure those memories and the beautiful words she constructed to represent mine and my husbands love. Forever grateful. 


Sacha was amazing from the start of the process until the end - we couldn't be happier. I've never been to or been part of a wedding that got so many compliments about the ceremony itself - but we did with our wedding with Sacha. Sacha is on top of the logistics, is great at working with the couple to tell their story, and adds a personal touch to the entire event. Very happy we found her, and couldn't have asked to work with anybody better. 


Sacha is wonderful! A must for your wedding. She is incredibly thoughtful and really took the time to get to know my husband and I and helped create a ceremony for us that was our story! It was unique and beautiful and almost every guest at our wedding commented on how much they loved our ceremony. Sacha's voice is gentle, soothing and authentic and she really knows how to connect your guests to your ceremony. Our friends asked if Sacha could read them a bedtime story at night because they loved listening to her!!! During the process, she's helpful and responsive, and you can really tell she truly loves what she does. It was an honor to work with her and I'm so thankful we used her! 


Thank you Sacha for making our day so special, you put so much effort in and it was absolutely perfect! Thank you, xxxx 

L. and S.

My Fiancé and I had the pleasure of Sacha conducting our wedding ceremony! It was the most amazing ceremony we have ever been to, and we are not just saying that because it was our own!! Sacha is absolutely amazing at what she does, she had us write our own wedding ceremony without even realizing it! Her love questionnaire is amazing, I strongly recommend everyone to complete this if she suggests it to you. It makes the ceremony so personal and relaxing. We did not realize what she would do with it, but she put together the most amazing ceremony from bullet point answers we provided her with, which in turn made us feel so amazing knowing we had a huge part to play in our ceremony! It really is like a friend is conducting your ceremony...sounds crazy know considering you only meet this person minutes before you get married, but it is true. Sacha is amazing at her job and you can really tell she cares and gets great joy out of creating these joyous magical moments for people. I really hope she can conduct our vow renewal some day, something I never ever thought of doing, until having the pleasure of Sacha conduct our special day. 


From our first contact with Sacha she was amazing.

She went out of her way to find out a bit about us and creating our story of how we first met and incorporating it into our ceremony and adding a little bit of humour which I thought was nice to make our day that extra bit special.

Sacha was also very quick to reply to any emails / questions we had about our wedding even with the time difference which made us feel at ease to know that Sacha had everything under control.

If anyone is thinking of getting married in New York (highly recommended ) then Sacha is the one to go with.

G. and G. W.

Sacha couldn't have done enough to help us out in planning our wedding from across the pond. She made our ceremony so much more than what we expected and personalised it in every way. We would 100% recommend her to any one. She was friendly and considerably helpful. We wouldn't have wanted anyone else to marry us, she truly was great. Thank you


This lady is awesome. She created an amazing love story for me and my now wife for the ceremony. She told the story with such emotion that every single person attending was crying. I can not recommend this lady enough. If you are reading this, stop right now and hire her. You will not regret your decision. Sacha, thank you so much. It's been a pleasure. 


Sacha is an amazingly wonderful lady! From our initial contact she was warm and welcoming and always extremely prompt with her relies. I was immediately put at ease and filled with confidence that we were in safe hands.....and traveling from the UK to NYC to marry this was so important. She offered brilliant ideas for our ceremony but was also very welcoming of any ideas we had and wanted to incorporate into the ceremony. We especially loved the idea of the Tibetan bells at the start of the ceremony....something we would never have thought of.  Our love story that she created was truly amazing and it was as if she had known us for years from what she was able to create, I think it managed to bring a tear to everyone's eye.

Meeting Sacha on the day she was able to calm our nerves and she really is as lovely, warm and welcoming in person and she came across in her emails.

We couldn't of wished for anyone better and we will cherish our ceremony that she created forever.

You will not regret using Sacha's services as a celebrant she really is exceptional.

Thank you so much Sacha!!


Sacha created the most perfect ceremony for our wedding. She really read our responses to the questions she had asked before hand. Upon meeting Sacha it was like we had known her forever - she had such an air of calm and kindness that we just all got along so easily. I would highly recommend Sacha if you want a personal and friendly service for your big day! You won't regret it :) 


Sacha was the most wonderful Celebrant you could ever ask for!!

We began corresponding a few months out from the wedding to compile our Love Story. Even though I live on the other side of the world (Australia!!) I felt like I knew her and we were in good hands. Sacha responded very quickly and put a lot of time and effort into ensuring the Ceremony was everything we hoped for. It was evident that she understood how important our wedding day was.

She was lovely and warm in person and delivered it beautifully. I loved her enthusiasm and passion for what she does. Thank you again Sacha!!!!!! 



We had such a wonderful experience with Sacha as our officiant!!!! She went above and beyond what we expected, we are so happy with the beautiful ceremony process, was very personal and professional.

It was a very special day for us but she made sure this day was memorable forever.

Sacha, thank you so much for your time :) 


Sacha was amazing. We traveled from Arizona for our wedding. She was responsive, helpful, and easy to work with. Our ceremony was beautiful and personalized. I could not have been more pleased with everything. Thank you Sacha!!!!!! 


Sacha is simply PERFECT! To be honest, we can NOT imagine a better person for this role. She is very kind and generous. She spent a lot of time corresponding with us to capture exactly the type of ceremony we wanted. Our wedding ceremony was truly elaborated to the smallest details. Sacha prepared an amazing love story about us and made our wedding the most beautiful and unforgettable moment of our lives. It was all magical!

We highly recommend her! :) 


Absolutely fantastic made me feel at ease as was feeling nervous as it was Sacha was always telling me if i need to stop to take a deep breath and continue we can ...she made getting married so easy totally worth every penny and time I'd regard her highly and most of all a friend for life now …



amazing couldn't ask for better person to officiate our wedding, friendly, willing, helpful to us both. kept us calm. loved our little check in emails up to our big day felt the love. 



Sacha was everything and more than we expected as our marriage celebrant. She put our stories together to produce a marriage ceremony that was beautiful, personal and official all in one.

We felt at ease as soon as we met Sacha and it was like we'd known her forever.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sacha as a marriage celebrant.




Sacha was so much more than a celebrant. After 20 years together, we initially decided to get married at city hall without any fanfare. But over the course of the next 2 months, 3 venue changes, a date that refused to stick, and some heart wrenching negotiations between my husband and I, Sacha was a calm and loving voice of reason. She brought form to our dreams and treated us like family in the process. We especially loved how she was able to take our shared history and turn it into a magical narrative that somehow felt fresh and new. On the day of the wedding, Sacha was an amazing coach and the ceremony was PERFECT. So much more than we could have hoped for. I’ll never forget the looks on everyone’s faces, beaming with love, through laughter and tears. Several friends said it was the best wedding they have ever been too. 



We can't recommend Sacha enough. She created such a magical and fun ceremony for our wedding that was so "us" - and to this day we still say it's the best wedding we've ever been to!

She listened to what we wanted, asked great questions, made great suggestions and had some really good ideas we wouldn't have thought of otherwise. Through her questionnaires she got to know us (and who we are as a couple) really well and told our love story beautifully.

We even had a parade!

Our guests laughed and our guests cried, and afterwards everyone told us what an incredible, special and unique ceremony it was. We will definitely be hiring Sacha to renew our vows in a few years time!

If you are looking for a wedding officiant to make your special day even more special, Sacha Jones is who you want to hire. 


Sacha was simply the perfect fit for our wedding. She made our day so special. Our service was so beautifully flowed. It felt like we had known Sacha forever. 



Sacha did our wedding ceremony in central park and we can't recommend her highly enough. She put together a fantastic personalised ceremony and incorporated all of our requests. Her transatlantic emails we're always friendly and it truly felt like a family friend was completing our ceremony. We love Sacha and whenever we talk about our wedding we always say how fabulous she was. 


We were so fortunate to have the lovely Sacha Jones marry us in Central Park last year. We had travelled from Australia to marry and it was such a wonderful experience with Sacha leading up to the day and for the actual ceremony. This lady has a beautiful spirit which you feel immediately upon meeting her. She accommodated all our wishes before and during the ceremony and made our day truly magical. She is a true professional and I am so happy our paths have crossed in life. 


Sacha gave us the most amazing ceremony I have ever seen. As a matter of fact, many of our guests came up to us after and said that it was the most touching, sincere, heartfelt ceremony they had ever experienced. Sacha had great interview questions for us during the preparation. She listened intently and just nailed our sentiments. Sacha is now a lifelong friend. You would be very lucky to have her perform your ceremony!!! 


Without exaggeration I can say that it is hard to imagine a more perfect officiant for our wedding.

We were looking for something that seemed to have gravity, without being overly religious or spiritual, while at the same time having an appropriate splash of levity, and all of it being very personalized. Through memorable meetings over coffee and tea, skype dates, and filling out her personalized survey-- not to mention her countless suggestions and creative ideas- Sacha was able to deliver the ceremony we wanted but could not have ourselves imagined. Numerous guests told us it was the best ceremony they could recall. 



I had no idea where to start when planning the wedding. We wanted to have a low key ceremony in Fort Greene park and suddenly we had a bunch of people turning up and I was terrified what to do with them. Sacha helped us get our ideas together about the event, poured herself into a wedding script which included our friends in every part of the ceremony, and gently ran the show when folks turned up that wonderful day in July. As my partner and I climbed up the steps of Fort Greene with the last of the folding chairs in hand, Sacha took charge of the ceremony. Sacha really encouraged us to get the ceremony we wanted without any judgments or expectations.

EW, Brooklyn

Sacha is truly a one in a billion spirit. She took us by the hearts and the hands and guided us through a marriage that was way more meaningful than we could have ever imagined. She is so much more than an officiant, she was our counselor and collaborator, truly inspiring us to uncover the core of our relationship and bring it to life in the most creative way on our wedding day. No one who was at our wedding had ever experienced such a unique and bespoke ceremony and that is 100% because of Sacha’s passion, focus and open hearted approach to every couple that she brings together.


From the moment we reached out to Sacha to inquire about our wedding, she was a sheer joy to work with! Sacha revels in the story + truly took the time to incorporate loved ones.  We had a beautiful Chinese tradition of the red string included in our ceremony + our rings were passed through our guests on a red string, solidifying our community + receiving blessing from all.  We loved how Sacha worked with us individually to craft "What Lauren Loves about Russ" + "What Russ Loves about Lauren" -- which was a surprise during the actual ceremony to both of us - and was so lovely. Sacha worked with us in phases as our day approached so we never felt overwhelmed. We felt fully confident + comfortable with Sacha leading our ceremony.  She is so passionate about her work + it shines through + gets everyone else excited + energized. Plus, who doesn't love her accent?! :) We are beyond grateful that we found Sacha + she shared her positive energy, zest for life + knowledge for ritual with us to make our day super memorable.


"I wanted to thank you again for making our wedding ceremony so special. Our guests couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it was and the fact that there wasn't a dry eye in the room! You are an amazing person & you are great at what you do! And we cannot thank you enough💟 you'll forever have a place in our hearts, and I appreciate all the time you put into making our ceremony as special as it was!"

Kathy + Peter, White Plains, NY

Sacha, Thank you so much for your gentle, warm, respectful and professional approach to our ceremony. You were a Godsend! Our family thought you were just perfect."


Our wedding was planned within a month; this month in fact, a year ago. Having no prior experience with a celebrant, we were abruptly faced with the prospect of entrusting a stranger to orchestrate a ceremony we would reflect on for years to come. This shows our naiveté -and perhaps yours- but if you were and are aware of this tricky choice to be made, genuineness, kindness, proficiency and calm are essential in a celebrant. Sacha is effortlessly all this, and more, with a lovely voice as well. Her process is engaging, thorough, and produces fine results. Can't recommend her enough. We thank her every time we recall that day.

GK, Hudson NY


Sacha was the perfect officiant for us. She provided a simple yet beautifully crafted ceremony that meet all of our needs. Our day would not have been the same with out her and we are very grateful for all the work Sacha put into our special day. Cannot recommend her enough.


Sacha Jones actually married us twice! The entire process (and I hate to use the word process — too clinical sounding… because working with her is such a loving, supportive, creative, life-affirming experience) was beautiful. She is not only very prepared and organized with meetings and keeping the timeline in check, but her writing and intuitive skills are extraordinary. Sacha listened to what we each envisioned and she had lots of great suggestions. So that in the end we look back at our ceremonies with absolute happiness. One of them was bigger, more elaborate and in a venue space, and the second quite small in a public garden. Sacha was superb at both!

D + D, Brooklyn

We just wanted to write and tell you how extremely thankful we are that it was you that married us.  You were an absolute delight and you made us both feel so relaxed and comfortable. Our ceremony so wonderfully special and intimate and that was all down to you.  You really are so wonderful at what you do, and we feel so blessed that you married us.

J&M, Northern Ireland

Sacha performs beautiful and thoughtful ceremonies. She did a naming ceremony for both of our children and we were so grateful for all of the time, detail, and energy she put into them. Neither of us had any real familiarity with naming ceremonies, but we knew we wanted to do a loving ritual for both of our children. Sacha helped us get very clear on what we wanted. She worked with us to really personalize the ceremonies and make sure we incorporated all of the important people in our lives, and rituals that were meaningful to us. We couldn’t be more grateful for the memories we have of those ceremonies and all the love she put into them.

SP, Brooklyn

Sacha Jones performed a 50th wedding anniversary vow renewal for us. It was beautiful! She wove together our stories (how we met, fell in love, etc). It was intimate, emotional, and humorous. She even found a recording of ”our song”. Our entire family attending loved the ceremony and heard some new stories about mom and dad. I highly recommend Sacha for any ceremony you might want. She will do a wonderful job!

K+C, Long Island

Sacha Jones is an absolutely wonderful officiant! She took the time to really get to know us each as person, listened to our stories, asked questions to learn exactly who we are & find out exactly what we wanted (& even noticed things we didn’t expect!). She took what we told her & did more research on her own to make herself understand our references even more & she made our ceremony so much better than I could have imagined. She added so many wonderful personal touches. It was perfect! Our guests laughed, they cried, & nearly 2 years later, they still comment on the ceremony & how it was so perfectly “us” & one of the best they’ve ever witnessed. Every once in a while, I read over the copy of the ceremony she gave to us & I, too get weepy & laugh. I will always be thankful to her for making our day so special.

E+K, Houston Tx

Thank you so so so much for all of your hard work, We couldn't have asked for a more down to earth, genuine and amazing person to conduct our perfect day.  The whole day has ensured that NYC will always have a special place in my heart and that is down to your hard work and efforts. Again from the bottom of our heart and on behalf of myself and Kevin THANK YOU !!!!


Sacha was an amazing resource to us when we decided to commemorate our 20thanniversary with a small ceremony that included our own children and parents.  She interviewed both of us to get a better sense of our family history, spoke with us about our expectations and hopes for the event and helped us shape an experience that ultimately highlighted both our joys and accomplishments, and helped guide us towards an expansive future.  She brought in many small and powerful details that in culmination made us feel that she had really listened to us and catered to the uniqueness of our union and life together. She has a magical gift to make everyone feel special, highly valued and treasured. She is a gifted and insightful listener, and takes her job seriously.  Having her officiate our ceremony was a joy. A lucky treasure. ​ You are in good hands with Sacha.


Sacha married us almost 2 years ago. We wanted a ceremony that really spoke of our relationship, something personal, a ceremony that was meaningful and specific to us. While we weren’t sure what that all meant, she made it happen- We had exactly the wedding we had wanted!!

Sacha was a pleasure to work with a really listened to our wants. The process was inclusive and smooth and fun! She created a ceremony that was so beautiful and just perfect for us. I am so grateful to have had her bring such warmth and soul to our ceremony. Thank you!

JL, Brooklyn

We got married few months ago in Central Park (NYC) and I’m really thankful we decided ask Sacha to be our officiant. She has done an incredibly job in helping us organising our ceremony the way we wanted it. I think she has a remarkable spike in understanding the people she deals with. We wanted something simple, romantic, personal and that is exactly what we got. She went the extra mile trying to propose ideas and push us to make it perfect without never been invasive.

Thank you Sacha for your effort, I will always have a good memory of that day.


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