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The Art and Magic of Ritual and Ceremony

I am a big believer in the art and magic of ritual and ceremony.  I cherish the very simple day-to-day ritual just as much as the celebration of life's big milestones. 


If you have ever tried to cut coffee out of your life, you probably noticed that one of the things you missed most, was the ritual.  


One of the most wonderful gifts we can give to ourselves is to create daily ritual in our lives.  Sometimes it's as simple as tweaking our way of thinking.  Turning a "chore" into a ritual can make it fun or relaxing, like a moving meditation - instead of something we dread. 


Then there are the seasonal rituals we participate in, which we look forward to with sweet anticipation ~  a pilgrimage to see the bluebells in May; the first beach outing of the summer; the first roasted veggies & pumpkin soup of autumn; lighting candles or flaming the pagan pudding to honor the shortest day of the year; and so on.  It's rare to find a person who doesn't find joy in these kind of mini ceremonies.


And then we have the bigger milestones, those life events worthy of being observed and celebrated - the birth of a child; baby's first tooth; starting school; entering puberty; bar and bat mitzvas/quinceañeras; graduating high school & college; passing a driving test; starting a new career; getting married; moving to a new home; menopause/andropause; becoming an empty nester; retirement; and death.  Life's cycles.


I love to work with my clients around all kinds of rituals, from the very small to the very big. 

If you are looking to tweak your daily life to reduce stress & feel better, it might be a matter of including some small &sweet daily rituals and I would love to help you navigate this as well. 


Please reach out to make an appointment.

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